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Russian Blue Kittens For Sale In All States

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Russian Blue Cats:

Russian Blue KittenRussian Blue is a breed of domestic cat that originated in Russia and is also known as Archangel Blues. This medium sized cat has bright green eyes and a blue-grey coat. They often appear larger than they actually are due to their double layer of thick fur, which stands out at a 45 degree angle. Russian Blues are also known for the unique feature of smiling, which is the result of a slightly upturned mouth. These cats are intelligent and love to play; however are extremely shy around strangers and do not adjust well to change. They can be difficult about hygiene and will not use its litter box if dirty. These traits combined with its extreme shyness have led to a reputation of being difficult to work with. However, they are affectionate cats who form strong bonds with their owners.

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Russian Blue Cat Breeders in All States

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
Healthy Fluffy Kittens san diego CA (707) 335-6679
smith los angeles CA (214) 216-2493
Fresno CA 323-406-7151
hypoallergenic cats San Antonio TX 0000000000
purebredhome dallas TX ‪(503) 389-0841‬
Torrance CA ‪(214) 216-2493‬
Grand Island NE 3088507595
Hypoallergenicfluffykittenshome sacramento CA (707) 500-7450
kittens los angeles CA 7075007450
kittenshome san ramon CA 7077502680
purebred cats sacramento CA 0000000000
Boise ID 7077502680
Sacramento CA ‪(817) 754-0499‬
boris hands los angeles CA (949) 575-8249
LA Bluez Los Angeles CA 8188094368
bluehome Arcadia CA 0000000000
Moses lake WA 2539299068
denver CO (214) 216-2493
james white san diego CA (252) 626-1520
M&B Russian Blues Rockford IL 815-218-2079
purebred russian blue sacramento CA ‪(214) 216-2493‬
Windansea Cattery Willow Springs MO 6513572433
Kimara Russian Blues Kwinana (61-8) 9419-7473
Koshka Cornish Rex Melbourne VIC
Prairie Home Cattery Gas KS (620) 365-5746
Four Paws Cattery / Serennol Cats Retford ENG (44-7807) 888-718
Wynterwynd MI
Platina Luna Russian Blues NC
Grisaille Cattery South Florida FL
Czar Cats Baton Rouge LA
Tylona Cattery Ann Arbor MI (734) 434-8588
NY (516) 536-8210
New York NY (845) 986-9879
Velva Cattery Akron OH
TX (817) 528-8945
Valnika Cattery Houston TX (281) 543-3513
Emjoy's Russian Blue Cattery WI
Rubanthom Cattery GA (706) 597-0995
Blufries Russian Blues MA
Blue Ridge Russian Blues Sanger TX (940) 323-1144

Other Cat Breeds to Check Out:

If you have never owned a Russian Blue before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our Russian Blue Cat Breed Information page.

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